by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 32:19

Foreplay is a shorter, but very addictive piece of audio that seems designed for people who are relatively new to the erotic hypnosis scene. Foreplay does what the name implies. It lowers the participant’s inhibitions and builds arousal toward a state of mind in which he is better prepared for a more intimate experience. Yes, it’s about seduction. Nikki is VERY good at that. She is also very good at hypnosis. So be warned that this is a session that can sneak up on you. Be prepared to be thoroughly seduced by Nikki’s sensuous voice and engaging personality. What at first seems quite subtle gradually becomes irresistible.

This session also establishes a new post-hypnotic trigger that can be given to someone you trust to use if you want to experience the hypnotic effects in a RL relationship. While beginners will find this a very accessible introduction to erotic hypnosis mp3s, those of us who have listened to a lot of Nikki’s work, especially her brilliant Because series, can get much enjoyment out of it, too. It has the high technical quality we are used to, but also contains some of our favorite triggers, at particularly intense and wholly appropriate moments, to enhance our experience even more.

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