In the Zone

by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 20:52

In the Zone is a non-sexual hypnosis session designed to provide motivation to exercise and stay physically fit.  Nikki induces hypnosis with her easy-going and very enjoyable style, and then helps reframe the listener’s attitude toward the experience of working out.  Nikki’s suggestions allow the listener to be more aware of the body’s need to move and be fit.  There are also suggestions that help one become focused on the quality of the exercise while working out.  She implants a trigger that can be used to bring about a feeling of eager anticipation for the good feelings and energy one gets as a result of a good workout.  So it can provide that little motivational boost needed to start exercising.  While this session is geared for males females can benefit from it as long as they don’t mind being called “boy!”.

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