Intro: Resist or Surrender with Special Guest Isabella Valentine

by Nikki Fatale
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In this session, Isabella and Nikki use their known specialties to help you fall into a trance. Isabella, often known for using reverse psychology to induce trance, uses Her skills of brain trickery and mind manipulation to urge you to "resist" (which We both know you can't). Nikki, on the other hand, uses Her vocal seduction, encouraging relaxation and surrender, to help you forget everything as you and gently fall into a deep sleep.

When you combine Isabella's hypnotic psychology and Nikki's come-hither skills, it's perfectly natural to expect the unexpected. Will you listen to Nikki as she tells you to succumb to Her spell... or will you listen to Isabella as she commands you to resist her and accept a mental challenge! Either way, you belong to US now.

Recording includes:
Erotic hypnosis, submission, mild slavery, objectification, mind control, mind fuck, mind manipulation, brain trickery, reverse psychology, sweet seduction, brief kneel bowing, learning to lose control, breakdown of resistance, human-to-water breakdown, being rendered helpless, arousing triggers, and a vibration orgasm command at the end.

Note: It would be highly advised to drink LOTS of water prior to session and be in a place where you can use your floor for proper kneeling.

I have prepared this small video INTRO for you to check out

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