Mind Games

by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 56:08

Mind Games, the new erotic hypnosis session by Nikki Fatale, is a very deep and satisfying trance, with Nikki’s sensuous voice guiding, and tricking, your mind deeper and deeper to a place where anything is possible, Nikki’s Playground. It’s a psychological seduction, too, as Nikki helps you understand how sexual arousal and intense desire to submit to a dominant woman can help open your mind to deeper hypnosis.  Nikki uses your doubt  to create a hypnotic head-trip, with a very fun confusion induction designed to twist your conscious mind into knots, leaving your subconscious mind wide open so that Nikki’s sweet words can rearrange things the way she wants. Nikki’s voice becomes more and more powerful in Mind Games, to the point were it seems to take on properties beyond mere sound. This makes it easy for Nikki to lull you even deeper, and to assert her control more completely than ever. Instead of waking you up at the end, Nikki allows you to drift in the pleasure of her trance, leaving you with a new conviction that you CAN do anything your hypnotist tells you.

Strong D/s content. Mildly graphic.

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