Orgasmic Escalator

by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 46:19

Orgasmic Escalator is a wild ride that will help you explore the potential of hypnotic sexuality in a very fun way. What does the phrase ‘mind orgasm’ mean to you? It will mean a lot more after listening to Nikki take you down, and up, a couple of escalators you won’t find at your local mall. With Nikki’s seductive style, and some of the most exquisitely choreographed “whispers” you’ve ever heard, this session helps you associate deepening trance with growing arousal. This session will leave you feeling great! And the climax really pushes the limits of another phrase you may have heard before: ‘anything is possible.’ Strong D/s and erotic content

PLEASE NOTE: You need to download the FREE introduction audio for this session and listen BEFORE you listen to this session.  Or else ;0


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