Satin Angels II

by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 61:17

This is part II of a two hour series.  You MUST listen to part ONE FIRST.

Satin Angels PART II "Falling Deeper" continues the fantasy.  An erotic adventure into the mystery of the hypno-fetish.  Sexually graphic and very strong D/s theme.  An hour long erotic RIDE...

First you want to listen to  “Fall into the Fantasy Satin Angels INTRO” as the first part of this series Satin Angels. It offers something special to anyone who wishes to experience complete hypnotic submission*... and not only to Nikki and Shiri, but to FemDom Hypnoerotica generally . For newcomers to their wonderful work, it offers nearly an hour of hypnotic conditioning using one of the few methods that has been shown in multiple, independent, peer-reviewed psychological studies to enhance significantly the hypnotic susceptibility of those who initially test as having low hypnotic susceptibility. For dedicated devotees their work, it offers reinforcement of the conditioning of the Because Series with some very nice twists.

Fall into the Fantasy starts with an introduction to the concept of the Satin Angels and ends leaving you with a choice to continue or not. Fair warning, once that decision is made there is NO going back…

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