Tug of War

by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 43:46

I know it's the fantasy of all loyal hypno-slaves out there to have a commanding Hypno domme whisper in your ear.
Well it's your lucky day in more ways than one.
With "TUG OF WAR" you get to experience the complete bliss of listening to a powerful DUAL INDUCTION.
Yes TWO of your favorite Hypnotists together. Yes, very hot indeed!
Imagine the voice of Nikki Fatale in one ear taking you UP, yes up... into a deep trance.
Then imagine Mistress Carol making you obey her voice in your other ear as she takes you DOWN.
All as your subconsious mind tries to decide... WHICH WAY WILL YOU FALL? 
Can you handle it?

TUG OF WAR is your fantasy in reality.
Two Hypno Dommes and Two recordings.  Both edited differently to give you TWO different experiences within the same theme.
Are you up for a game of "TUG OF WAR"?

Running Time: 43:46

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