Valentines Special

by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 35:13

Valentine DUO

Have you wanted to experience hypnosis "play" with your partner" This two part session is desigened to help you ease each other into the process.
SESSION ONE -  27:20
This will prepare your partner to be able to fall easy into hypnosis as you guide them DOWN....
This session will help you build the confidence needed for you to take them DOWN. It will also give you some suggestions on how to help your partner fall into trance and what to do with them when they are there. Both sessions are intended to put the listener into trance. Both sessions create feelings of arousal and relaxation.
Side note: While I was recording session number TWO I realized that it can be listened to by a partner who is not quite sure how to introduce hypnosis to thier partner. You can fantsize what it might be like and perhaps your subconsious mind WILL find a way to build the confidence to proceed.
Neither session is D/s related nor sexually graphic. Rated PG18 ;)

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