Bless Constant Cum Production

by Samantha Sez
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A long time ago, there was a curious recording called Curse Constant Cum Production on a site called

As it turns out, the transcript for EMG's Curse Constant Cum Production was posted to the site too. I found it, read it, and thought there were interesting ideas in it.

So I re-wrote it. Changing it from a curse to a blessing. There is no way a listener can be 'cursed', but the intention is offensive. A blessing is the opposite of a curse, and my Bless Constant Cum Production recording is indeed a blessing for those who have experienced it.

Most listeners feel a pleasant tingling between the legs. Leading to a full feeling in the scrotum. After several days, the average listener begins to produce so much cum that an orgasm is required every 8 hours to relieve the pressure. Listeners also report ejaculating more and larger loads. (Some people say Peter North uses this recording to achieve his impressive ejaculations) Many listeners also report their cum production is so great that they drip throughout the day, needing to ejaculate more often than every 8 hours.

Listen every day for 10 days and see if you don't agree :-)


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Does this also work during sleep?
Posted by Anonymous on Aug 10 2020 reply
Wow, I feel like stumbled onto a treasure! I was about to listen to another session related to cum production but before I did, I just did a search and found this file.
A very pleasant find, just one session in now but oh my, I'll have to to go with this several more times as it felt so good, fantastic if I may say so!
I'm grateful for this blessing. Finding the word curse on some files does tingle the mind but I'm more particular towards a blessing. Thank you so much for this creation!
Posted by Arcadia on Apr 10 2021 reply
Does this really work
Posted by Anonymous on Apr 11 2021 reply
Can I loop this?
Posted by Pizzaman0111 on Jun 16 2021 reply
I've listened to this a few times now.
It gives an amazing tingling sensation and made my cock leak like a faucet.
Posted by Anonymous on Sep 25 2021 reply
Not the way you probably want...
Posted by Anonymous on Oct 21 2021 reply
Multiple orgasmic masturbation with a my cock unable to cum. I could only squeeze out precum. My balls ached and my cock was hard and rigid. Semen retention and the feeling of prolonged aching balls provided more ecstasy than cumming. That is my experience the last five days. I am no longer ashamed to pleasure my cock and love my cock with more abandonment.
Posted by Anonymous on Apr 30 2022 reply
Made me cum in my pants while listening, so I stopped half way through…. Seems very strong!
Posted by Anonymous on Jan 16 2023 reply
Tuned out part way through only to come back as a tingling started and I started leaking, so much pleasure
Posted by Anonymous on Sep 28 2023 reply
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