Domestic Bliss

by Samantha Sez
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Length: 39:35
Femdom Couples

Many people come to the realization that Married life is better when the man respects and obeys the woman. This session programs a husband to feel pleasure when pleasing his wife. The feeling of being submissive to her is strongest when the two are alone together (e.g. when the kids are asleep) This session programs the man to respond automatically to any request from his wife with the words 'Yes, Sweetheart' which triggers a pleasant feeling and a more submissive frame of mind. So relax and listen every night to Domestic Bliss and before you know it you will be programmed to obey your wife like the goddess she is. And the best part? You can only cum with your wife's permission, but when she grants you permission to cum, your orgasm will be amazingly powerful!

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