Release And Clear

by Samantha Sez
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Length: 26:43

Research shows that your subconscious mind stores all your life's experiences. Some of those experiences were unpleasant; so your subconscious mind protects you from them. Those unpleasant memories influence you every day in the form of limiting beliefs and negative feelings. Many well intentioned therapy methods require you to dig up unpleasant memories and examine them, but Release and Clear trance therapy directs your subconscious mind to release and clear the hurt and suffering WITHOUT your conscious mind's participation. That's right. You can release and clear the suffering of past injuries and injustices without reminding yourself of all the unpleasant details. Feeling better instantly, feeling better and better as your subconscious mind releases and clears the unwanted side effects of things that happened in the past. Freeing your conscious mind of emotional baggage. Breaking through blocks and barries without the trauma of other therapy methods.

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