Dark Room - Oblivion

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 44 minutes

Mental oblivion...

Session Length: 44 minutes

A Mental OBLIVION. This is a full mental takeover. My soft HYPNOTIC voice will completely ENGULF you...POWERFUL post hypnotic suggestions will overwhelm your mind, the SUBLIMINAL messages will leave you blank and you will forget to remember...take My hand and follow Me. you are always safe with Me. you trust Me.

My pet, the next phase of your assimilation into My world of domination, control and complete mental enslavement is to understand, and accept, that Domina Shelle is the TRUE center of your universe! In prior brainwashing and indoctrination sessions I have modified your behavior, altered your mental perception of submission, manipulated your emotions and subjugated your will. Each step has been a methodical, incremental, process to deconstruct the rational logical you so that I can mold you into the perfect submissive slave you desperately crave to be for Me.

But for you to totally acknowledge that there is only room for Me deep down in the core of who you are, I need to make more fundamental, radical, changes to your perception of identity that is not bound by mere logic or reason. Memories form the basis of who W/we are and you are a product of your past experiences, your memories framing your identity of self, influencing how you relate and interact with those around you.

In the Dark Room, My hypnosis can break the barriers of time and space sending you into OBLIVION, a void of timeless nothingness where there is no logic, no reason, no order, and no questions. In this void logic unwinds and reason unravels leaving only tangled fragmented memories and emotions, shapeless and formless, simply existing and waiting to be remade. Once you are in the deepest of trances I will remake you, reforming your romantic and erotic memories not to forget your past, nor repress past experience, just inserting what I want.

It will all seem irrational and confusing at first, and you will not comprehend why you feel this way but over time you will accept this is not about reason it is about the focal point in your life - past, present and future. The more intense the experience, the more absurd the infiltration of your memories, the more powerful the beliefs that I instill into your brain. (Giggles)

My pet, and you are a trance away from being conditioned to accept everything I say as the TRUTH, ready and willing to embrace my hypnotic, erotic, oblivion in the Dark Room of your mind.

Mind Control, Brainwashing, POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS...Be Aware, this session may cause permanent changes within you.

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