Forever slave

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 31 minutes

I'm going to hypnotize you to be the obedient compliant submissive slave you so desperately need to be...

Audio Session: 31 minutes

My pet, never underestimate the power I have to take full control of your future, conditioning you to be My loyal obedient "forever slave". W/we both know that My hypnotic trances are intensely arousing and that obedience is your pleasure, but with repetitive training I will have the authority and power to bring you in and out of trance effortlessly, controlling your reasoning and critical thinking without your conscious awareness.

Every day W/we all drift in and out of trance hundreds of times, switching from full alertness to being laser focused without conscious thought or recollection. Now imagine what it would be like if I controlled your suggestible mind to such a degree that I could trigger this at My command. you would listen and fall, sink and relax, releasing stress fully expecting to be rewarded with the pleasure of your obedience to Me.

Isn't that level of control so arousing and so addictive for your open suggestible mind, knowing that you'd be totally focused on Me, your erotic hypnotist, only craving more of My domination and control? Mmmm - I like that thought, a pliable and agreeable subject who would rise and fall from trance at My command, knowing that every time he falls it would be faster and deeper than before, rewarded with the immense pleasure of being hypnotized, and the erotic desire to be manipulated and subjugated by Me.

Take this a step further and imagine being consumed by your arousal to obey Me in all things. If that thought of powerlessness arouses you, as I take more control of your future, then this is the session for you! I am going to teach your conscious and subconscious mind the pleasure of obeying Me until you are My hypnotized slave always and forever, My "forever slave".

Be warned, this session is very draining (giggles) but I think you'll agree the erotic reward of deeper submission to Me will be worth your (sexual) sacrifice. So prepare yourself to enter a passive restful state as I'm going to hypnotize you to be the obedient compliant submissive slave you so desperately need to be...

Brainwashing, Mind Control, ERUPTION, fractionation...Mind BLOWING Binaurals.

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