Intense Control

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 34 minutes

Length: 34 minutes
Category: Confusion, Amnesia, MIND CONTROL

Her words like a puzzle or a riddle leave you hoping that understanding will emerge eventually from all the confusion.  But this is ONLY a tool, a ploy for Her entertainment as She locks away your attention and focus....
Her power is devastating.
Be careful She is sneaky and Her words slip in quietly leaving you drowning in Her sea of bliss...grabbing onto anything to stay afloat, which is utterly impossible.
She makes it impossible for any man not to fall into Her sexy trap...trapped by Her soft TENDERNESS, Her words dripping of eroticism....before you know what is happening She has placed you in a deep HELPLESS trance and under Her control.

If She wants you, She will take you, NOTHING can stop Her.

Metronome, Binaurals and vocal effects used throughout the file.

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