Secret Confessions of Your Erotic Mind

by Sydney Chalmer
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Length: 28:08

Have you ever wanted to test your willpower or experience powerful brainwashing?  Will if you have let our sweet little Mistress Sydney take your ability to resist away.  Sydney wants to hear your dirty erotic confession but she doesn't want you to willingly tell her she wants to hypnotize it out of you.  Do you have a secret confession about Sydney or any other Meme?  Will you let Sydney deep inside so that the only thing you want to do is share what is deep inside your erotic mind.  Maybe you masturbate to one of the ladies or secretly wish to spy on them.  It doesn't matter because what you tell Sydney she will comand you to do something else as a suprise.

Sound exciting?  It should be because Sydney is dying to play along.  Of all the Memes Sydney is the one who craves your erotic attention and wants you to addict yourself to her words. 

This is a quickie EROTIC HYPNOSIS session.  Before you listen open up your private email account, and go ahead and click on the button that says “Compose new mail” or whatever it might say in your email and in the “To” section type [email protected]. Once you have done go down to the subject line and type CONFESSION OF MY EROTIC MIND. Once you have done this you can go ahead and listen to the session.

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