Mistress Mind Control

by Sydney Chalmer
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Length: 36:53

Have you ever wanted a Mistress to step in and start controlling your throughts?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fall deep into a magical spell and find yourself to be helpless to control your movement and thoughts.  In this session Sydney Chalmer uses her hypnotic skills to show you the power she can have over your mind if you let her.  You may just find yourself a puppet on a string.  This is a playful session that will train you to submit to Dominant women and learn to love the words LISTEN and OBEY.

Follow Sydney Chalmer down this path of erotic dominance and submission and experience the joy of letting her deeply control your mind.   As a special request of Sydney some great affirmations for success and hapiness have been included because she wants all her boys to be happy boys.

Mild D/s language included.

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