Naughty Room

by Sydney Chalmer
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Release: 2014
Length: 55:22

The Meme of Naughty and Nice Sydney Chalmer takes you with her inside the sensual corners of her ‘naughty room’. This session, Sydney Chalmer blows your mind and gives you a kind of mind fuck that you’ve long been asking for (since that very first day you adored her for her Orgasmic Kiss).

Imagine an almost 60-minute time with your ideal woman who’s wild and raw. Unlike her other earlier sessions, this time around, she guides you on how to experience the rush of arousal from head to toe. Every bit of pleasure gets through you.

She brings you closer to that secret place that only the two of you know of. A deep wonderful place where she takes you to orbit. Sydney allows you to savor each moment by letting her voice guide on how she, at her rawest horniest self would love to hold you and be with you to fulfil your wildest fantasies together. Just you and her.

She then leads you to the various ways of adding more titillating pleasures and vibrations in your body – whether it’s a cock ring to rock your hard-on, a burning candle to set your senses on fire or a role of a most-wanted circumstance.

As she spreads her beautiful lips to laugh a little on your ear, you’ll grow fonder of her each day. And, yes, here’s a session that will make you fall harder for Sydney Chalmer.

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