The Sydney Chalmer Harem Experience

by Sydney Chalmer
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Length: 27:19

Have you ever wanted to be seduced by a loving and gentle dominant woman?  Have you ever considered what if they were submissive too?  That's right what if they got just as excited being seduced by you as you are seducing them?  Well if the you have then the Harem Experience is for you. 

Sydney Chalmers is inviting, not commanding, the attention of all men who want to spoil her.  The only exception is you must want to be spoiled to.  The Harem is Sydney's way of letting men like you express your adoration and desires for her mind, body and spirit while she enjoys doing the same to you. 

You should already be well versed in Sydney's style and you must adore her good girl gone bad style of play.  But if you do and you know what you want then purchase this session and let her words start drawing you nearer to her.

Please Note Sydney's Harem is for invited guests only.  It truly is an experience for those who want interaction 

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