What the Fok

by Sydney Chalmer
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Release: 2014
Length: 41:49

Sometimes I go out on a limb and suggest that this session or that session will kick your ass.  Well this is a session designed to leave you thinking one thing... What the Fok just happened.  If Sydney has done her job right you will be spellbound and mesmerized and well I ain't telling you much more. Just know everytime you listen you go deeper, you experience more pleasure but the same result at the end What the Fok just happened.

Curious?  Intrigued?  Tempted?

Not a session for the beginner... you should be well trained with Sydney in order to get maximum pleasure.  Now one thing I do need to warn you.. In this session Sydney gets very personal.. Hence the reason for the higher price.  I mean very very personal.  Hence the reason for the higher price.  Its just a darn shame you won't remember a thing.. Ooops yes you will.. What the Fok.

Don't blame me if at the end you say fucking Bob.. Cause I will only smile and say "Why? What the Fok just happened to you?"  But this time you will be BLANK and EMPTY.  But I don't want to give away too much, do I?

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