Let It Go

by Tessa Fields
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Release: Apr 2011
Length: 22:13

“Let It go” is a fun turning of tables regarding the blowjob. It has long been a position of power and dominance for a male to receive oral sex. Experience how easily I turn it into a completely submissive position for you and if you “Let It Go”, you might find yourself giving away all of your power. Even with the shift in power, you really can’t lose!

Release Date 04/12/2011
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 22:13
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering No
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes
Topics/Fetishes Blowjobs, oral sex, female dominance, submissive male, trigger phrase

Blowjob, Femdom, Guided Masturbation, Mind Control/Brainwashing

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