A Cowgirl's Bell

by eSuccubus
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Release: Nov 2017
Length: 20 minutes

Follow-up to the Getting Into Character - Cowgirl pack. Wearing a bell on a collar, hearing a bell ringing, anywhere it happens - that sound becomes a trigger to think about your heavy breasts and cowgirl mindlessness. Maybe a partner will use a ringing bell as a trigger, or you will get a collar and hang a bell from it so you will be stimulated and reminded of your status wherever you go. Whatever the cause of your regular exposure to the sound, even if you just happen across it, the invitation and encouragement in this file will have your heavy breasts weighing your down and your empty mind turning to the next time you can take in some cowgirl training. Includes intense meditation upon and fascination with your own breasts.

This file is available as a Reward. The assignment portion of this series is available as a demo below.
- Length: 20 Minutes

Tags: Releases, Reward, Trigger, Cowgirl, Lactation, Breast

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