A Warning About Words

by eSuccubus
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Release: Oct 2017
Length: 30 minutes

This pack contains an induction, deepener, and awakener. Everything you need to add a spooky cautionary nature to a file.
Do you dive into things even more when you have been warned away from them? Do you like corruption, overwhelm, and fractionation?
Make a playlist. You can use the induction, the deepener, the awakener as components of a hypnotic playlist, any or all of them as you please.
Rapidfire, improvisational, and all tied together. Any of them can be looped on its own for various effects!
There will be a specific series of corruption and intrusive pleasure-thought mp3s made to be used with this induction. For now, try it out with an old favorite and see how a little menace can make it all the more pleasurable.
More corruption and creepy stuff to come over the course of October.

File Length: 30 Minutes, 10 each!

Playlist order:
- Optional: The A Warning About Words - Induction
- Optional: The A Warning About Words - Deepener
- Any body file or files in a row, particularly those in the "Just A Little More" series
- Optional: The A Warning About Words - Awkakener

Related Categories: Induction • Deepener • Awakener • Corruption • Forewarned Words Series

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