Aspect - Doe

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jan 2016
Length: 53:27

Piece uses image of a female deer as focus for mindset - docile, heightened senses, serene graceful perception of self.
Not a transformation anthro piece per se, but some elements.
File for listeners wanting to explore submission, sensitivity, serenity.
Get something like a necklace or other article of jewelry, and have it nearby or on you when you begin to listen.
Minor changes only, might be inclined to be submissive toward people you trust.
State triggered by wearing the token in question. Good for switches who sometimes want to flick to the more submissive side.
Not explicitly erotic, but suggestion of submitting to trusted partner while remaining docile and serenely still.
Lingering effects? Perhaps an appreciation for the grace of your own body, but nothing once the token is off and the play is done.

Playlist order: Aspect Induction (included) + Doe Aspect - Token + Aspect Awakener (included)

Related Categories: Submission • Behaviour • Aspect Series

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