Aspect - Doe 2: Emblem

by eSuccubus
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Release: Feb 2016
Length: 23:39

Select an object to serve as your emblem - a trigger anchoring you to the doe aspect. Pick something you can wear .
Builds on the theme from the original "doe aspect" - same principles but moreso.
Submission, relaxation, sensitive body, relaxed and docile mind.

This is more of the same concepts from Doe Token in the original Aspect - Doe pack. It's just repetition with stronger language.
Great for when playing with a partner you trust. Make sure to check out the original first. Pick something different from your Token to be your Emblem.

Safety instructions - only in this mindset when around safe people or in private comfort..
Lingering effects? Mindset of the doe when wearing your designated emblem - utter submission, grace, serenity, relaxation..

Playlist order: Aspect Induction (included in the original Aspect - Doe pack) + This file + Aspect Awakener (included in the original Aspect - Doe pack)

Related Categories: Backer Only • Submission • Behaviour • Aspect Series

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