Canine Peppers - Instinct

by eSuccubus
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Release: Dec 2015
Length: 21:15

Another Canine Pepper add-on. Longer than the others.
Eaten too many, inspiring canine-morph instincts.
Enjoying being called "good" or told you did well at tasks for people you respect.
Panting when relaxing and pleased, tongue hanging out.
Tail wagging when pleased or excited.
For all listeners.
Lingering effects? Maybe a desire to have fun with a partner after, submission when you show your belly to people.
Backer Only.

Playlist order: The 4 minute intro from the Pepper Pack -> Optional: any other Canine Pepper files from that pack -> this file

Related Categories: Backer Only • Corruption of Champions • Canine Peppers

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