Centaur Costume - The Leithan Sisters

by eSuccubus
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Release: Mar 2018
Length: 66 minutes

Poe A is a home to a grand masquerade each year, a party to end all parties, an orgy where everyone is in costume.
You arrive without one. Shunned initially by the revelers, excluded from the atmosphere of vibrant sexuality, you are lucky enough to come across a somewhat dubious costume seller.

You select a centaur costume, climbing inside and marveling at how it interfaces directly with your body and how lifelike... every part of it is.

Too lifelike, it was apparently made with DNA from the lizard-like Leithan species, and your pheromones send two sexy women into heat immediately... and vice versa. You then rut them on the bar right in front of everyone, inspiring envy and interest from everyone else in the room.

This is a long detailed fantasy based off events from Fenoxo's game "Trials in Tainted Space", it incorporates scene-setting, an induction, some post hypnotic suggestions, stud and transformation themed fantasies, confidence, impregnation, cute lizard-hybrid alien women lustfully driven into heat by the feel of you, and some exhibitionist themes.

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