Darkside Latex Succubus Re-Done

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jan 2015
Length: 29 minutes

This is an improved version of the Darkside Latex Succubus. This version has been changed so you can use it after the Latex Bath Induction Advanced. It begins with you waking from darkness and ends with the Night Night trigger. There is a lot of new material and phrasing improvement.

A symbiotic succubus dwells in the listener, two sides - light and dark, supportive and sexual. Existing in balance, empowering the listener and then driving them onward into edging, ruined orgasm, rubber addiction, a general latex fetish in fact. Mild amnesia elements, desire to return, guided masturbation, light teasing. The Darkside Latex Succubus Advanced file relies on the concepts established in this file. Post-file suggestion of arousal and return is included. This file is loopable and interchangeable with the 2 Advanced Latex Succubus files, and the Re-Done Lightside file. You can sandwich any number of them between the Advanced Induction and your awakener of choice.
The original version of this file can be found in the Dual Latex Succubus pack which also includes the exclusive refresher and the original Latex Succubus Deepener.

Playlist order: Latex Bath Induction + This file + The Latex Awakener, Lightside File, or any other file

Related Categories: Sexual • Reward • Trigger • Latex Succubus Series

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