Dominance and Submission Training

by eSuccubus
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Release: Nov 2016
Length: 40 minutes
Femdom Couples

A couples pack - one file (Wrapped Up) for a dominant, one file (Guidance) for a submissive. Could also be enjoyable for switches.

Practice sessions, Seven Minutes to Dominate and Seven Minutes to Submit, for each of you.
If you're on your own, you can always try the relevant starter file with its relevant practice file right after. Training to be more secure in your personal sense of dominance, and to be more trusting of your need to submit.
The files are the exact same length, so start them together and finish in the grips of desire.
Have fun together. Hold hands. Sink. Rise. Play.
Submissives Dominants

File Length: 13:12 main, 7:30 practice, each. Total of 40 mins content.

Playlist order:
- The same induction for each of you
- This file - either the submissive or dominant side, depending
- Optional: the relevant Seven Minutes file

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