Elven Unwrapping - Vagina Version

by eSuccubus
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Release: Dec 2015
Length: 36:36
Fantasy For Ladies

Sensual holiday encounter with a willing and submissive companion.
Guess you've been nice this year, a mysterious visitor comes with a present.
Short elven woman with curvy hips and small breasts.
Asked to decide between a mystery box, or her, the choice is obvious.
This is the version for listeners who have a vagina. There is a penis-centric version too.
Gender neutral on pronouns. Difference between the two files is only where the elf focuses on pleasuring the listener.
Ends with a possible opening for sequels.

The notes I wrote when recording the file are included.
Playlist Order: Any Induction -> This File

Related Categories: Corruption of Champions • Seasonal CoC • Elven Present

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