Enjoy The Top

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jan 2015

This is a file for dominants or switches who want to better be comfortable topping. A concise mental exercise for dominants, employing the metaphor of forging a tool - that tool being your ability to comfortably dominate. When you train and condition and control your lover, you are doing them a favour. Be more comfortable with your dominance, "lay a fuller claim" to it. Your lover may enjoy things which reshape, train, or change their responses, and this is alright if it is what you are both desiring, if "yes" is being said enthusiastically, then you should feel confident, as your lover wants it. Use an induction with it if you want as it is a short exercise. Script courtesy of Chewtoy from GentlyBitten."

Playlist order: Optional: Any Induction + This file

Related Categories: Behaviour • Dominance

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