Experimental Methods

by eSuccubus
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Release: Nov 2016
Length: 40 minutes

This file is made for those with penises. In this file, the listener finds themselves in the demonic factory on a day when new experimental ways of milking fluids out of subjects are being tested. The secretary - a succubus, who has perhaps been drinking bimbo potions too much lately - greets, imprisons, and then milks the listener by using her long prehensile tongue to penetrate their rear and press upon their prostate.This process greatly arouses the succubus herself, who of course is as susceptible to temptation and arousal as anyone else, and her frantic masturbation only serves to fuel the helpless subject with lust as a machine is affixed to their cock to milk out their cum - the licking continues, long past the point of climax and into mind numbing sensitivity. Light humiliation elements included.

Playlist order: Any Induction (but consider the Story and Journey Induction) + This file

Related Categories: Corruption of Champions • Factory • Secretary Succubus • Assumes Penis

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