Experimental Methods 2

by eSuccubus
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Release: Dec 2017
Length: 30 minutes

More factory fun for listeners with a penis. The tall blonde bimbo secretarial succubus with the long tongue and the blue skin has taken you out back after you passed out in pleasure. She licked you, lightly humiliated, milked some orgasms out of you, and tested some new corruption methods. But you're still intact enough, so she and her friend - a muscled and tanned succubus - try some new devices.

Unfortunately, letting the bimbo succubus control the device means it ends up misused and then used for her own pleasure.

While wrestling with the muscled succubus, things get intensely pleasurable, you gain the upper hand, and all of you end up cumming your way into a mindless and restful nap.

Light humiliation, prostate milking, focus upon your cock and some seductive succubus venom into the mix.

Of course, you're not fully corrupted yet by the end... so there is more to come.

File Length: 30 Minutes

Playlist order:
- Any Induction (but consider the Story and Journey Induction.)
- This file

Tags: Releases, Backer Only, Corruption of Champions, Factory, Secretary Succubus

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