Feminine Flourishes Pack 1

by eSuccubus
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Release: Dec 2018
Length: 15 minutes

This pack contains two files:

Pretty Pet Induction: You like being pretty, or thinking of yourself as pretty. You identify as submissive and worshipful and generally a good pet and hypnotic subject. This induction is one of several that will be included throughout these packs. A directly dominant rapport building induction. (10 min)

You Love Your Breasts: If you love your breasts, and like boob worship and mindless massage of your own breasts or those of others, this will just intensify that positive attitude. Your breasts are a sensitive and powerful hypnotic trigger. Be a good pet and play with them until you're too deep to stop without permission. General breast-positivity is included. (15 min)

Length: 25 Mins total.


A feminization series which allows you to customize your experience. The only constant is submission, and being a good pet for me.

What do I mean by feminization?

In this case I mean commonly feminine-coded aspects of self - bodily, emotional, behavioural, or even just fashion or clothing. All of the things 'feminization' files in the hypno space cover. But files will warn if they reference genitals, pronouns, gender, or other aspects which may be othering to listeners. If you just want to explore' femme' or have breasts without that being coded as 'girl' or 'feminine dress', or choose only to explore pussy-based sensation while going nowhere else, pick only the files pertaining to your ideal view of yourself and enjoy those.

This follows on from the Submissive Feminine Form files, but it is not necessary you listen to that file.

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