Fetish Cultist - Princess In The Tower

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jun 2016
Length: 56:21

The Celestial Queen is bound in her tower. Given what she has planted in your mind, not for long. Stocking dress up, general reassurance and dominance. Make-up fetish and eye fixation entrancement.

Almost sleep walking, you enter a tower that is eerily familiar.
Arousal and a phantom voice luring you on in your head.
How much do you know? How much have you forgotten?
As you draw closer, memories return - of how to restore her power.
Each guard succumbs, surrenders to her power.
Returning the makeup and enchanted stockings which hold her power leads to her escape...
...but not until after she has rewarded you.
Stocking dress up, masturbation, the feeling of being pretty and safe.
For the parts where she is speaking dominantly, I just closed my eyes and ad libbed.
So it should be similar to the Live Session Chronicles in those bits.
If you have your own cute silver or white stockings ready, keep them nearby...
and add the looping instructions below - they'll tell you to get dressed up and get off.

File Length: 56:21
If you want to get dressed in your own stockings and get off afterward, here is a loopable mantra which follows on from the end of the file, so put it on a playlist after the above file, even put multiple copies if it will take you a while to get off ;) You could use it with files other than this one, or even just as a reminder of "Her" when getting off in stockings in future.

File Length: 10 minutes - Stocking Masturbation Instructions

Playlist order: Any Induction (but consider the Lake induction) + The Princess in The Tower file + (Optional)The Stocking file, as many times as you need ;)

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