Good Pet

by eSuccubus
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Release: Mar 2016
Length: 19:59

Pet training and conditioning. To enjoy being called a "Good pet"
Think of oneself as a pet - obedient, happy to obey.
This internal conceptualization as a pet helps to carry one to a more relaxing place.
Many other files, including trigger files like Night Night, call the listener a "pet".
Affectionate, controlling, encouraging.
Uses the triggers from Night Night and from Brain Drain.
Ends on an open instruction to stay deep and blank and maybe go to sleep.
Part of the Submissive Pet Lesson Set.
These files all interlock and use the same concepts.
Lingering effects? Really enjoying being called a pet.

Playlist order: Any induction + This file

Related Categories: Reward • Submission • Trigger • Submissive Pet Lesson

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