Helia's Tail Treatment - Penis Version

by eSuccubus
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Release: May 2019
Length: 50 minutes

You decide to relax with a treatment at the spa in Tel'Adre. There is a beautiful and muscled lizard woman who comes into town very rarely. She offers a treatment where she uses her tail to relax the client. In this case that includes pegging, prostate massage, watching her get off, lots of dirty talk, some affection, the promise of future fun, and some instruction to orgasm amid 'hot stone massage' of her scaled body atop you and pinning you. Huge breasts, cute red ponytail, brash manner. Helia is usually found only in the plains, but she actually fits in with the caring and usefully relaxing practitioners at the Spa.

Find out why.

Based on Fenoxo's Corruption of Champions game, but the scenario and writing here are of my own design. Made with permission.

This is a remake of a very old file, and is made possible by the Moonlit Hypnosis project.

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