Images - Her

by eSuccubus
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Release: Sep 2016
Length: 41:05

This file is part of the Images series - the use of vivid detailed descriptive fantasy to present transformative themes. The Images Induction is the intended start to this mental journey.

In this case, the "Image" in question is that of your partner, lover, dominant feminine figure in control of your mind. Envision her, meditate upon her. Before listening, have a woman in mind who you would like to submit to. This audio encompasses her growing control over you, how right and good it is, and includes chastity and edging elements. There are also fitness themes and general self-care concepts tied up in the idea of serving well.
Listen, and submit utterly to the special someone in your life.

Playlist order: The Images induction + This file

Related Categories: Submission • Reward • Images Series • Couples

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