Just A Little More - Got Milk 4: Pumped Dry

by eSuccubus
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Release: May 2018
Length: 10 minutes

This is an expansion to the Got Milk? theme from the third file in this series.

Continuation of the "Just A Little More" series. Each file becomes more intense, chain them into a playlist for an escalating experience.

This file fixates on the Got Milk line of thinking - specifically milking your large breasts dry using a machine or suction cup to empty your mind and induce an orgasmic flood of docility.

The temptation to go just a little further, just a little deeper, is very great. This is especially true when you visualize your big milk-filled breasts weighing your very mind down and making more milk out of your spare thoughts.

Perhaps you will stop after this one, or maybe you will go onward to the final instalment...

Be careful how much you let into your mind. After the second one, I don't hold back.

But relax, the most you'll find here is some soothing cowgirl thoughts. Mindless mooing cowgirl breasts, the desire to have your huge tits massaged and milked dry as your thoughts turn into more milk to supply the empty orgasmic flow. That is what awaits...

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