Just A Little More - Latex 4

by eSuccubus
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Release: Mar 2018

The temptation to go just a little further, just a little deeper, is very great. This is especially true when you visualize controlling, corruption, influential latex on every inch of your body.

Get into any latex gear you have, combine this with the "You Sure?" induction, and the first, second and third one in this category.
Perhaps you will stop after this one, or maybe you will go onward to the final instalment

You were warned how intense it would get. It does. in this penultimate latex-focused piece, drone and fetishization thoughts are everywhere.

Be careful how much you let into your mind. Now that we're past the third one I won't be holding back.

In this file, the latex drone thoughts get more intense and might become quite overwhelming if you give them a chance. Mechanistic visualization metaphors and an invitation to cherish your latex covering are included.

Make sure to check out the other 'Just A Little More' series files so you know what to expect. Take as much or as little as you want, amping up as you go.

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