Just A Little More - Stud 2

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jun 2018

"Just A Little More" files are part of graduated series of files, they build upon one another to create more and more controlling scenarios and fantasies. If you have the fetish described in the first file, you might try the second in the series... the third... the fourth... and so on to the fifth and final audio. Make a playlist with the files in order, they will chain efficiently and each elaborates on a slightly different concept. The entire experience is an hour at most.

The first file can be found here.

The "Stud" files are about confident cock-centric pleasure-giving including the desire to make others want and enjoy your cock and to bring willing partners to the heights of ecstatic release. The focus is on confidence, virility, edging, enjoyment, and 'impregnation' of submissive willing desirable partners as a theme.

This one in particular is about being hard, confident, and alluring for much of your day. It includes basic stud tenets of cock-centric pleasure giving but also expands on enjoyment of studying pleasure in others.

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