Latex Attachment - Nipple Stim

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jul 2018
Length: 15 minutes

An addition to the Latex Pool series of latex suit/sci of themed sexual servitude and drone files.

When you receive commands, when your collar is tugged, when any command is given to you while you are wrapped in your latex, your nipples will be tugged in the relevant direction.

Its like there is an extra pleasure source adding sensation, general nipple sensitivity is discussed alongside the slight sci fi theme of being a latex drone with your nipples helping keep you on task.

Some small simulations and commands are included, and your nipples being more sensitive every time you cover them with latex is going to be the least of your concerns when your latex outfit is tugging you into drone positions.

Goes really good with the Latex Anticipation and Masturbation Induction in front of it on your playlist.

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