Limp Dot EXE

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jan 2015
Length: 30 minutes

This goes great with files like Limp and Obedient, Pantied Chastity or Pantied Chastity 2. Limpness, chastity, updating how your arousal works, a desire to re-listen. You may also enjoy the Chaste Limp Deepener file as a simple set of affirming mantras about limp trancey goodness.

This is a file about limpness, chastity, and updating how your arousal works. When you become aroused, rather than your cock hardening, the rest of your body flushes hot and aches with desire. .Because it cannot find a comfortable home between your legs, it is forced to find other outlets. The restless desire moves over your body. Included is a copy of the Arousal Test, and a simple mantra. This same mantra is incorporated into the file. This is a file for listeners who liked the computer theme in Update Induction, as well. Limpness, a desire to re-listen, and the idea of your cock itself being entranced, are included.

Playlist order: Any Induction + This file

Related Categories: Backer Only • Chastity • Behaviour

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