Memory Stone - Witch's Ritual

by eSuccubus
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Release: Feb 2019
Length: 30 minutes

You are taken to a witch's hut after falling for a very simple trap. She needs your sexual fluids, and a few drops of your blood, for some ritual or another. She plans to extract it sexually. She doesn't really have to, she just wants to. Hot tall dark haired witch strips naked and fucks you while you're tied down. She derives pleasure and you end on friendly enough terms, through the delirium of climax. Includes instructions to orgasm and very graphic descriptions.

This file was created as part of the memory stone series of files on the Moonlit Hypnosis Project.

The Memory Stone Introduction explains the general fantasy concept and includes an induction which leads into this file, or you can use the Story and Journey Induction.

Both Penis and Pussy versions exist as separate reward files with different content, depending on your genital configuration.

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