Mirabelle Lessons 3-7 - 'Ideal' 'Heavy Breasts' 'Body' 'Mind' 'Breast Obsession'

by eSuccubus
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Release: Feb 2017
Length: 30 minutes

A series of simple loopable pieces of training and mantras which reinforce elements key to the Mirabelle series of feminine succubus seed breast centric files.

This is another piece in the Feminine Succubus Seed series. Worship of your own growing breasts, and of mine. A feeling of general submission. Soft large-breasted mentality. The internal idol, the idea of "Mirabelle", a feminine transformative manifestation of your desire to be controlled by both your own breasts and mine. These all work with the rest of the feminine succubus seed series, and the five interlaced lessons are made for times when you need a refresher course to reinforce. Lesson 3, "Ideal", is entirely available below, to get you started.

File Length: Each is about 6 minutes, 30 minutes total

Playlist order: Any Induction (but examine the Feminine Succubus Seed series) + These files

Related Categories: Reward • Feminine Succubus Seed Series • Transformation

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