Needs - Nipple Play HFO

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jul 2019
Length: 46 minutes

Focusing on your nipples as a source of pleasure, even to the point of hands free orgasm.

The triggered response of someone playing with your nipples evokes submission. The image of me playing with your nipples until you come accompanies rapidfire descriptions of just how vulnerable you are to pleasure which comes from unexpected sources. The feeling in your nipples can increase from continued stimulation and from focusing on them as a source of pleasure. Because this pleasure is manufactured, made from your own thoughts and learned behaviour, it is of a different quality to usual ascent to orgasm. This difference makes it more difficult to hold back when it comes time to come.

Nipple based pleasure, whenever it is safe and you are horny, will remain locked in at the last level achieved, until you are hovering right below orgasm for a long time, and need to clear your head.

This is part of the "Needs" series of post-hypnotic suggestion and training habituation files, and works well with the Instructed To Need induction.

Length: 46 Minutes

Tags: Releases, Backer Only, Sexual, Behaviour, HFO, Trigger, Needs Series

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This is absolutely exactly what I was looking for - you seem to touch on all the suggestions and facets that resonate with me. I am rather new to hypnosis, and am guarded a bit by the idea of giving myself over to it, so it seemed like a topic like this would be 'harmless' enough, and something I've been wanting to add to my sexuality 'repertoire'. MUCH respect to you!!!
Posted by on Jun 12 2022 reply
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