Overflowing Re-Done

by eSuccubus
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Free Audio
Release: Mar 2015
Length: 54 minutes

This is an updated improved quality version of Overflowing. Rather than picking a specific time to order you to have an orgasm, this file deepens and gives a long titillating talk about euphoria and building climax. This file emphasizes that when a dominant party orders you to cum, you cum. This works with other hands-free files for this purpose, no matter who made them, and is nice for couples as well. Unlike the original, this has no awakener so you can use one of your choice or even chain it with other files to go into them already turned on when making your playlists.

The original file, which this is an improved version of, is free and can be found here so try it out in order to see whether you might want to pick up an improved version with more of a cum-on-command element.

Playlist order: Any Induction + This file

Related Categories: Reward • Trigger • Sexual

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