Overwhelming Dose of Trance Induction and Deepener

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jul 2019
Length: 20 minutes
HFO Induction

This is a long combination induction and deepener. Use it in the creation of playlists. It goes very well with Overflowing and with HFO or trigger centric inductions in particular.

This is a rapidfire 'overwhelm' induction with some visualization metaphors. It doesn't get bogged down in progressive relaxation but instead approaches the matter of specific body part relaxation more obliquely.

It compliments my approach to triggers, and to hands free orgasm, very well. Some light corruption/habit forming themes. Uses dosing/discrete drops of trance-substance as a metaphorical focus for visualization.

Length: 20 Minutes

Tags: Releases, Backer Only, HFO, Induction, Deepener

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