Pet Play 2 - Ears and Tail

by eSuccubus
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Release: Oct 2018
Length: 20 minutes

If you're getting into a pet play persona, getting into your sub space for a handler, an owner, a controlling dominant presence, then maybe you should wear something appropriate.

This file assumes you have something to wear on your upper body, and something on your lower body. Not like a collar, that will be a separate file, but instead like a headband with cute ears or anything you wear on your upper body at all. Something on your lower body too, like a plug with a tail attached, or an appropriate pair of underwear.

Pick something specific, you will be asked to wear it or visualize it.

When you are offered the chance to wear your 'ears' and 'tail', you will comply, and then drop into your pet play persona, until the play is done. When it is done, perhaps enjoy one of the pet play aftercare files.

Programmed to set everything else aside and prioritize your play, your ears and tail mark a special signal that it is time to only enjoy the play time to come.

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