Prized Stud Triggers

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jan 2015
Length: 15 minutes

The listener is taken to a facility where the attendants wish to harvest semen from the well-trained cocks of subjects. A variety of triggers are put in place for this exercise along with some stroking, teasing, and examples. This file replaces the old Prized Stud Triggers which had inferior audio quality and was shorter.

Bigger, Stud - when said alongside a gentle squeezing of the listener's balls, feel swelling and a desire to cum as semen seems to descend and engorge, imparting a desire to spurt and go blank with pleasure.

Longer, Stud - feel tension as the veins engorge and cock pulses, feeling longer, maybe firming up to hit your stomach, maybe seeming to pleasure more with each thrust of your hips, whether into something or into open air.

Throb, Stud - a little emphasis command to remind the stud of how badly they'd like to cum, excellent when purred in one's ear during orgasm

This file can be followed up directly in your playlist with either Milking the Stud or Stud Call, and is made to flow well into those files.

Playlist order: Any Induction + These files

Related Categories: Reward • Sexual • Trigger • Prized Stud Series

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