Prostate Massage Instructions

by eSuccubus
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Release: May 2016
Length: 8:15

Written across 25 minutes as part of a writing experiment, this file is for somewhat experienced anal pleasure fans. Gives detailed instructions and incorporates dominant deepeners to a session of anal masturbation focused on the prostate. For those with penises. Loopable, so try it on repeat while you get off.

This file was written during a 25 minute period, as part of the Podcast 3 Writing experiment.
For those somewhat experienced at anal pleasure.
Have a butt-friendly toy and anal safe lubricant nearby.
Clean up first, of course.
For those looking for a more basic approach to anal training, try Sensitive and Ready.
Dominant tone throughout.
Loopable. Put it on repeat on your player and it will just keep looping.
Commands stimulation of penis with one hand, and moving toy in rear with the other.

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